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PERSONALS: EBC (experienced business coach) looking for a CEO

Monday, January 16, 2012

PERSONALS:  "EBC (experienced business coach) looking for a long-term relationship, with a CEO who really wants to grow their business, is willing to break outside the box and try something new...that needs a disciplined, focused, measurement-oriented leader who isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers."

Are you one of those?

Perhaps this sounds a bit like a repeat of a previous article, but my recent experience with a CEO just has me fired up to a write about it again.  No doubt, finding the right match is critical for both parties.   The challenge is finding the CEO that truly is dissatisfied with the performance of the organization, the constant chaos, the firefighting and lack of employee commitment.   They are looking for something more and are willing to work to get it.   I wish I had a dollar for every time I have had a CEO tell me that their organization is already doing everything they need to do to be successful.  Yet, their results do not demonstrate that and their team is struggling through daily firefighting and a myriad of changing directives. In reality, their business is a mess. 

I am looking to “build a relationship" with those CEOs that are as fired up about achieving goals as I am. There is no doubt that it takes some effort to be a real leader and to take the business to a higher level.  It isn’t for everyone.  Finding what you want is as important as it is working to get there.  Unfortunately, aimless wandering wastes very valuable time and resources.  If you aren’t winning, you’re losing. It is bad enough to know when you are losing, but it is worse when you don’t even recognize you are losing.  

Let’s assume for a minute you do want to make significant improvements.  You want to lead your organization to a higher level - whatever that might be – more revenue, higher profitability, broader geographic presence, regain market position, introduce a new product or service, etc.   It will take a well-defined, focused plan to create the actions and tasks that will derive the results you desire.   This stuff does not happen just by chance.   The ability to prioritize and marshal the resources to get the important work done is critical.   If you do not have a process to manage this,  then you are fighting a very tough battle.

Setting a direction, defining the tasks and resources and measuring the results are the linchpins to a successful organization. Staying focused on those objectives, shedding the interfering and nagging low- priority items are key to long-term success.   It is not an overnight, nor a one-time activity.  It takes discipline.  

I have used this analogy many times as it is similar to the New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape:   You have grown larger and softer over the past 12 months and you have now committed to the “new you”.   You read a diet book and you re-up your membership at the local gym and start your “new you” campaign.  You get past the soreness and food cravings. (It’s not like this is new, you’ve been down this road before. As they say it isn’t your first rodeo.)  The only problem now is your “schedule”  is interfering with your work-out plan, and a few dinners out have knocked you off track slightly.  That is the start of the crack in the dam.  Before you can say “Snickers Cheesecake”, you are back to your old ways.   This is a great example of human nature at work. In fact, Weight-Watchers has its largest revenue period of the entire year in the first two weeks of January.  What does that tell you?  

It is no different with your business life.  You know what you should do and you have good intentions but you can’t stick with it.  Our Six Discipline’s clients demonstrated excellent results in 2011. (see article: Bottomline Difference)  These were the organizations that followed the plan, measured the results and correlated those results to actions.  In other words, there is proof that this stuff works, but it takes the right kind of CEO.  

Are you my kind…of CEO?

Eric Kurjan is the President of Six Disciplines Ohio Group. Six Disciplines brings “big company” process improvement to organization looking break beyond the status quo. For more information visit www.SixDNWO.com, or call 419-348-1897.

(This article was also been published by COSE Mindspring (the source for small business insight in Northeast Ohio).