Growth: Not Just A Priority, But A Requirement

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

We've listened to thousands of CEOs over the years, and inevitably, those conversation turn to the subject of growth. Whether you're looking at new or existing products, for new or current customers, the question "What can we do to accelerate our growth..?" tends to overshadow most other immediate concerns.

If you're looking to improve top-line growth or bottom-line profits, there's a proven approach to "getting out of the weeds" and seeing your growth strategy options more clearly. Product development, diversification, market development and market penetration are all growth options that have constraints, barriers - and opportunities!

Our Six Disciplines business coaches are experts in helping you to understand the constraints to your growth, and how to overcome them. They'll introduce you to a repeatable process for uncovering and eliminating the options that are not consistent with your company's growth strategy.

The software component of the Six Disciplines program helps you to document your growth strategy decisions, making it easier to build and update your corporate plan, initiative plan, department plans, and individual plans to support the changes in strategy.
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